Advantages Of Solar Street Lights: Why Solar Lights Are Becoming So Popular?

Date: 14/12/2021

Street lighting is one of the most significant public infrastructural amenities for ensuring the safety, comfort and wellness of the public.

Solar energy has been gaining enormous popularity in the country for the past few years. The trend is on the rise as solar energy solutions are extremely efficient and they solve some of the grave challenges that the energy sector is facing.

The three major factors backing this fame are ever-depleting conventional sources of energy, high energy prices and technological advancement in renewable energy usage.

As far as street lights are concerned, the benefits associated with solar street lights are enormous. Some of the big advantages are reduced dependence on conventional energy, conservation of energy and less reliance on the national grid.

In countries experiencing abundance of sunlight like India, solar lights are the best option to illuminate the streets, gardens, parks and other public spaces.

5 Striking Advantages of Solar Street Lights Over Conventional Street Lighting System

  1. Solar Street Lights do not require any external power-grids. They are also free of any interconnecting cabling requirements
  • In case of conventional street lighting system, there is sole dependance on the external power source in the form of electrical grids.
    • Electrical grids generally consist of electric power stations, electric power substations, power transmission lines and distribution networks.
    • It involves a huge infrastructural cost and connectivity to the individual light poles.
    • Conventional electrical grid system has high level of interdependency. Interdependency of cables simply means problems in one area can affect many other connected cables and affect the whole power supply.
  • Solar Street lights, however, are the street lights powered by sunlight. There is no requirement or dependency on any other external power source. It just uses the power of the sun!
  • Each Solar Street light is individually powered and is a totally independent unit.
  1. Solar Street Lights are cost effective and 100% free of any recurring electricity bills!

While purely seeing the cost benefits, have you ever thought of the recurring electricity bills!

  • Since the conventional street lighting system depends on external power grids, there are inevitable electricity charges that the consumer bears.
  • With the Solar Street Lighting System, the entire electric network and the related electricity consumption process is redefined. There are no additional recurring charges involved!
  • The produced DC Electricity gets stored in the batteries. It is then used and recharged again within the same loop of PV Solar Panels, Batteries and Charge controllers.

Every individual solar street light stores and consumes its own electricity generated from the sunlight everyday without any additional cost involved.

Solar street lights are far better investment option considering the capital plus the operation and maintenance costs. Since these lights are dependent on solar energy, there is no need to pay for your electricity every month. Compared to traditional street lights, solar street lights offer very impressive long-term benefits.

  1. Solar Street Lights are environment friendly: They are completely clean and do not use coal, natural gas and/or any other conventional sources of energy
  • Solar street lights do not contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, shrink the carbon footprint, and they do not put a strain on natural resources.
  • Solar street lights use no fuel to operate and works purely on solar energy, thereby heavily reducing the consumption of fast depleting fossil fuels.
  • Solar street lights are completely clean, produce zero pollution and zero radiation, aiding in need-of-the-hour environmental protection.

Solar energy is unlimited, imperishable and it is the perfect green lighting solution. Non-renewable energy sources like coal, gas, oil, etc. will soon run out if we continue to use it the way we have been doing for years.

The world is finally becoming conscious about the fact that the use of solar lights help in reducing the carbon footprints and immensely help in keeping our environment clean and healthy.

  1. Solar Street Lights are extremely easy to install with minimum maintenance
  • In case of conventional street lighting system, the installation of the system requires careful laying down of electrical cables which are connected with the electrical grid.
  • However, each Solar Street light is an independent unit and does not require any trenching, cable laying or other similar procedures, saving time, money and labor. Just the lighting system and panels are mounted on individual poles, and the installation of Solar Street Light is complete!
  • Usually, the commercial power lighting projects are time consuming and complicated since they involve foundation work of cables, digging, cable pipe laying, cable threading inside pipes and ditch landfill. All these procedures require a lot of labor and equipment. Moreover, there are additional costs on the transformer, distribution cabinet, switch board etc.
  • With Solar Street Lights, the poles are set with no overhead cables or underground trenching and less heavy equipment is required to complete even the largest of installations.

Compared to conventional street lights, solar street lights require very minimal maintenance. Apart from cleaning and carrying out a few inspections once in a while, there is very little to do to ensure its longevity.

  1. Solar Street Lights are 100% safe, automatic and super durable!
  • Solar street lights provide safety and promote security in urban and remote areas, especially in the areas with limited or no access to a conventional electrical grid. They vastly improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians who drive or walk past the daylight hours.
  • From the safety hazards point of view, due to the absence of any external wires or cables, solar street lights do not pose any threat of accidents like electrocution, strangulation and overheating. In fact, solar lights illuminate the streets throughout the night irrespective of power cuts and/or grid failures.
  • Solar Street Lights come with automatic dusk-to-dawn sensors. The solar street lighting system works automatically, does not require any manual intervention, it charges during the day and switches-on during the night/ dark hours.
  • Moreover, LED Solar Street lights are extremely durable and come with long life as the LED lights have MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of about  50000 hours, a typical LiPO4 battery lasts for many years and carries a standard warranty of minimum 5 years and the Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) panels have a life of about 25 years!

Solar street lighting uses an impressive dusk-to-dawn feature and is controlled by built-in intelligence. It is a self-sustainable system. With such powerful safety benefits, self-sustaining system and durability factors, Solar Street Lights are globally becoming the number one go-to option for modern street lighting solutions. 

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