Solar Street Lights – DIZA SOLAR

Street lighting is one of the most significant public infrastructural amenities for ensuring the safety, comfort, and wellness of the public.

Solar energy has been gaining enormous popularity in the world for the past few years. The trend is on the rise as solar energy solutions are extremely efficient and they solve some of the grave challenges that the energy sector is facing.

DIZA SOLAR is taking definitive and responsible steps in the direction of innovative renewable energy solutions.

Our team at DIZA SOLAR specialises in highly reliable Smart Solar LED Street Lighting Solutions with three decades of combined experience under one roof in India.

Some of the interesting and power-packed features of our Solar LED Smart Street Lights include:
  • All -weather, stand -alone system: 100% designed and manufactured in India.
  • 3 Nights Autonomy: Runs without sunlight charging for 3 full nights at one-go.
  • Automatic Dusk-to-dawn sensors.
  • Powerful LiPO4 inbuilt batteries.
  • Customisable: Choose the features and combination of your choice!

Be a part of the revolution in renewable energy.

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